Private sessions

I-Guru helps you develop a unique yoga practice to support a hectic lifestyle, aid recovery through restorative and therapeutic yoga techniques or compliment your weekly sports or training regime.


  Your physical health is equally important to us. This is why we recommend you meet our Yoga physiotherapists, so together we can design a Yoga practice  that considers any in-depth physical challenges you may have.


Yoga for Back Pain

Our tendency is to lie down and be still when suffering from chronic and mild back pain. General consensus amongst experts however is to remain as active as possible. Therapeutic & Restorative Yoga can safely alleviate many types of lower back pain including sciatica, slipped discs and muscles strain.

Yoga for Rehab

If you are rehabilitating from surgery, a traumatic accident or sporting injury and receiving Orthopaedic or Physiotherapy treatment, We strongly believe that integrating a therapeutic Yoga sequence alongside your daily excercises will greatly accelerate your recovery.

Yoga for Sports

20,000 hrs of repetitive movement creates sporting excellence. However, as muscles strengthen they shorten as do ligaments and tendons, often leading to injury. Integrating a personalised yoga practice into your training schedule will keep you in the game and ahead of the competition.