I-Guru people

I-Guru people

Connected, curious, health smart, confident, open-minded, music-loving, compassionate selfless, global thinking, planet-loving yoga collective.

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The world changes daily by the actions of many who are inspired by the words of a few. So we invite those Innovators, creators, thinkers and doers along to gatherings where their words of possibility and incredible proven insights can be shared amongst the worlds open minded individuals -YOU


We host and design wellbeing retreats in the world’s most beautiful and Eco friendly locations. Imagine Yoga,Meditation, Pilates, Thai Yoga Massage and Ayurvedic treatments every day. Alongside activities such as surfing, hiking, running, horse riding and healthy cooking lessons skilfully laid out  over 3, 5, 7 or more days.


An I Guru event whether in London or Ibiza, in a castle or an art gallery, celebrates the most amazing & intriguing spaces that will inspire, surprise and entertain our I-Guru collective. Sharing delicacies, flavours and music from around the world, before during and after incredible an uplifting yoga session.