I-Guru Pathways

 How often you practice, when and how long for is entirely your choice, however, we believe that even two sessions a week can be life changing, ultimately improving every aspect of your wellbeing.

To help you on your journey we have created three pathways that will allow you and your teacher to create the foundations of your practice. Whether you want to maintain and develop an existing practice, evolve and explore new yoga postures or maybe introduce meditation.



1 - 3 Classes a week

Are you new to one of our practices or seeking to use Yoga, Pilates or Meditation to compliment other health & fitness pursuits ?


2 - 3 Classes a Week

Still a newbie with the time to develop your practice or someone who already practices who needs their hit 2-3 times a week


3 - 5 Classes a Week

For those that wish to evolve their practice, exploring all aspects of a complete bodymind health system - breath, postures and meditation, creating a powerful balanced practice

If you practice once a week you will change

your mind. If you practice twice a week you

will change your body. If you practice

every day you will change your life