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 Delivering bespoke yoga, meditation, pilates & physiotherapeutic solutions for individuals, companies & hotels. At Home, Work or Play 



City life challenges our efforts to maintain a healthy, stress-free life. A complete  practice for the body and mind suited to your lifestyle will redress the balance, evolving your fitness, health & wellbeing.



To know where we are going, we need to know who we are. Through our I-Guru Lifestyle & Osteo Assessment we create your Yoga Profile, allowing us to design your personal practice, regardless of your age, physical condition or experience.

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I-Guru Yoga has totally transformed my understanding of yoga as a practice. The teachers  engaging, compassionate, revelatory, but succinct teaching style ensures every class is such a pleasure for both mind and body.
— Mary Silk - Momentum Events
I met Neil and few years ago teaching in a yoga studio i practiced in. Before I did one to one yoga with him I found the classes at the studio were incompatible with what i needed. I increased one session a week with him to two classes and the development in my practice has been incredible. I am now doing things I felt my body would never be capable of doing and feel wonderful after each session due to Neil’s unique approach and the personal sequence he builds up for me over time
— Pieter Brons - Property Developer
Our I-Guru Yoga teacher comes to teach a group of us at the office. I absolutely treasure this class, in fact it is one of the highlights of my week. The dynamic class is a brilliant work out - I’m usually sore in muscles I didn’t realise I had for two days after. I feel I’ve improved my technique and strength significantly over the 18 months I have been taught - even from one weekly class. I can only recommend I-Guru Yoga
— Inge Hanson - EE
 Ray is a heart-felt, grounded, and insightful
teacher. He is able to deliver to his student
what is needed in the moment. I highly recommend him
— Melissa Hillery - Quintessential member

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